LOVE IS....Australian Wedding Fashion At The Powerhouse Museum!

From the simple to the stunning, Love is: Australian Wedding Fashion features more than 50 wedding outfits plus accessories covering nearly 200 years of Australian...
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What does the word “festival” bring to mind – Woodstock or Burning Man – Tomorrowland or Rio’s Carnivale? Urban dictionary thinks festivals are just for music lovers and one definition says you shouldn’t wash for a week before attending one. If you’re looking for something a little closer to home we’ve found 4 unique home-grown festivals we think you’re going to love!

4 Unique Australian Festivals!

Happy to say that our favourite steampunk oriented festival, Ironfest, made it to the list of Unique Australian Festivals.    Thanks to Adult Matchmaker for...
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It's out there and fantastical and makes the wearer look like a victorian wind up doll.  The key can be manually wound or put it on automatic and have the easily concealed battery pack do the work.  As the key turns it makes glorious clockwork like sounds.

 ....Have your steampunk or gothic princess swooning this Christmas....

There is both a gold and silver option available, choose the pirate girl skull & crossbones shown below

Could this be the ultimate Christmas present for a corset wearer?

What do you get when you thrust a talented mechanical engineer into the world of steampunk & corsetry?    You get a beautifully designed and engineered...
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Photo of Tara Moss by Vincent Long

We love this quote from Tara Moss, author, speaker, model and Gallery Serpentine customer: 

"Halloween is one of my favourite days of the year. 

Some of the best alternative weddings we've been involved in outfitting have been timed and themed high end Halloween. Here's our delightfully dark Addams Family inspired customers, Pamela & AJ.

How To Do Halloween In Australia And Make It Classy!

Halloween has hit Australian shores pretty hard over the past 6 years and you either love it or hate it. Trad goths & neo-Victorians would often scorn...
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