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Madame Le Brun Under bust Victorian Corset

Madame Le Brun Under bust Victorian Corset

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Here is a very special made to order under bust corset that features fabric printed with a painting by 18th century French painter, Madame Lebrun.
She was the court painter for none other than Marie Antoinette!
Please allow 4 weeks for your corset to be printed and made for you -
Let our corset fitter assess your measurements and select the best fitting size or custom sizing for you - just fill out the measurements form here

 The Under bust Victorian corset will usually cinch your waist in by 3" - 5" depending on your body type.   It is a very strong corset and if treated with care will last you many years.

The curve under the bust will sit just beneath your your bra and tends to 'bust enhance'.  
We only use the best quality steel busks  along with spiral steel boning & flat sprung steels in the centre front and centre back areas where you want the most support.
This tight lacing corset style has been chosen by a number of our corporate customers for wearing under their work clothes & jackets as it enhances your shape and posture but it is more popular for wearing over gothic or steampunk outfits to really enhance your silhouette and give you an hourglass figure.

Generally you want to choose a size that's 4" smaller than your natural waist measurement.   
There's a handy video guide below to help you choose the right size in the Size Guide.
Please be in contact with us using Messenger/Chat on our website  or text us on 0451 007 540 if you have any questions about whether this is the best style for you.
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