Victorian Inspired by Slytherin Corset Gown

$ 960.00
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Victorian Inspired by Slytherin Corset Gown

$ 960.00
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or make 4 interest-free payments of $ 240.00 AUD fortnightly with Afterpay More info



We hope you love the new Victorian corset gown for your next cosplay costume or HP themed wedding(!).

The Slytherin inspired corset gown is MADE TO MEASURE in Australia when you order online.

Due to demand please allow 7-10 days for your ensemble to be made, we will contact you as soon as you order for the measurements we need to create the perfect fit.

The Slytherin Dress will be custom fitted to your measurements so will fit like a dream. Don't worry about taking the measurements, it's an easy process and we can guide you through it over Messenger, text, email or phone.

This beautifully handcrafted full Victorian styled corset gown ensemble inspired by the iconic Slytherins will be hand made, hand screen printed and sewn with love right here in Australia.

The FULL Inspired by Slytherin Corset Dress Gown includes 5 or 6 pieces:

  1. Steel boned under bust corset with unique flattering Slytherin inspired print on quality black satin or on an emerald green taffeta with black velvet sides.
  2. No matter what your size our corsets are legendary for giving you a beautiful silhouette & great posture.
  3. Hand screen printed, emerald Slytherin fan approved overskirt
  4. Hand screen printed black petticoat
  5. Boned hoop skirt (which can be folded for shipping/posting)
  6. Serpent printed dark green stretch velvet shrug
  7. (optional )Lace trimmed under corset top chemise

*Please note the prices shown are for online orders - offline fittings in Sydney or Canberra may be available with additional charges, send us a message to enquire if this is what you prefer. 
If you love corsetry and Victorian fashion and are also an avid Slytherin & HP fan like us then this may be the perfect ensemble for your next cosplay event.

Never worn a corset before?  Have no fear.

The 'House of Slytherin' inspired CORSET uses the pattern of our most popular and versatile Under Bust Victorian corset to give a wonderfully cinched in waistline, perfect posture and cosplay photograph ready silhouette.

  • Suits most figure types
  • Comfortable to wear 
  • Steel boned
  • Amazing back support
  • Flattering centrally placed print
  • Suitable for waist training
  • Designed to be very sturdy and last for many years
  • Can be worn with trousers, jeans, pants, very easy to mix and match with other outfits

The corset & all pieces in the ensemble gown may be purchased separately, you can see them under the HP Fandom collection.

Details of the other pieces in the ensemble:
The HOOP SKIRT - extremely versatile for wearing underneath other skirts to give that beautiful victorian shape to another cosplay, steampunk or gothic victorian ensemble. 
The easy to wear elasticated waist band makes this a very easy to put on and take off and as it floats around you it is very comfortable to get on and off and wear all day at any event.
*A word to the wise: Hoop skirts are surprisingly fun to wear!

You'll actually find it much easier to walk and move in than layers of  tulle petticoats. When you walk each step you take easily moves the hoop out of the way allowing air to flow around your legs- such a bonus in hot weather!

Also hides your shoes so that your most comfortable, favourite pair of boots or shoes can be worn.

The Victorian Inspied by 'Slytherin' OVERSKIRT - Super gorgeous and dark shot green taffeta with our unique hand printed design. The overskirt really adds that magical draped victorian touch to the ensemble AND you can also wear it as a separate skirt on its own - it will flow around you as you move.
The waistband has adjustability with 3 button placements so it's super easy to take on and off.  It will sit firmly on the waist or as loose fitting as you like.

The bonus with this sort of waistband is that it gives a nice flat finish under the corset.

The CLASSIC ALICE CHEMISE - The most comfortable Victorian inspired top that will fulfill your under corset top needs for all victorian cosplay costumes.  It is a loose fitting style, designed to  gather gently at the bust and flatter the top of your arms.
The wide neck shape makes it a most flattering neckline for all face shapes and  a fantastic way to show off your Victorian style lace chokers or perhaps your matching Slytherin themed jewellery.
The lace trimmed sleeves are a lovely flattering length for those of us self conscious about our upper arms but still cool enough to enjoy in warm weather.