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The 'Lilly' Underbust Victorian Corset - Black Oriental Brocade

The 'Lilly' Underbust Victorian Corset - Black Oriental Brocade

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Our most popular and versatile under bust corset, the Underbust Victorian is now available in a shortened length option to make it easier for those with shorter torsos or for when you need to drive or dine! 

Recommended if you are 5'4" or under.

If you would prefer our corset fitter to give you a personalised size recommendation for this corset please fill out the form here

This really is the 'Dinner Corset'

The 'Lilly' Underbust Victorian is so very flattering for many different figure types and can be worn for waist training, tight lacing, special events and casually over jeans, skirts or dresses. 

You can also order this custom sized if you fall outside of our standard size range (please see the size guide) and if unsure on how to measure yourself our corset maker will guide you through it.
The 'Lilly" Under bust Victorian corset will usually cinch your waist in by 3" - 5" depending on your body type.   It is a very strong corset and if treated with care will last you many years.
We only use the best quality steel busks along with spiral steel boning.
This tight lacing corset style has been chosen by a number of our corporate customers for wearing under their work clothes & jackets as it enhances your shape and posture but it is more popular for wearing over gothic or steampunk outfits to really enhance your silhouette and give you an hourglass figure.
Generally you want to choose a size that's 4" smaller than your natural waist measurement.   
Please be in contact with us using the Messenger button if you have any questions about sizing, need us to check your measurements or advise whether this will be the best style for you.
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