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Long Black Rose Bolero

Long Black Rose Bolero

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*This elegant and easy to wear black stretch velvet bolero jacket design is made to order in all sizes. 

Please check the size guide before ordering or select custom sizing & we'll make to your measurements. The usual make time on this design is 7-12 days.*

Please note that if you ordered or purchased one of these Bolero jackets pre 2015 and are adding a new one to your wardrobe that we've slightly altered the pattern to have a bit more room through the under bust and waist area than the pre-2015 pattern.

This long, beautifully shaped, black velour coat is what we all wear when it gets a bit cool. It's like being wrapped in a velvet hug. This style was missed by all when we stopped making them. So don't despair they can be made to order now!

  • Soft fold back collar.
  • Ornate fabric button to close just under the bust.
  • Flared skirt to give a lovely balanced shape.
  • High waistline to fall nicely over rounder tummies.
  • Made in stretch velour


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