Victorian meets Slytherin | gothic victorian inspired by Slytherin cape

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  • The Potion Mistress Bustle Skirt
  • Gothic Victorian magic in luscious green satin with unique baroque scrolls 'S' and serpent prints in silver.

Sizing is easy: 

  • S fits 70-80cm waists
  • M fits 80-90cm waists
  • L fits 95-105cm waists
  • XL fits 105-120cm waists
  • Message Us for custom sizing if required

  • Each Potion Mistress Bustle Skirt is made to order in 1-2 weeks.
  • We love this skirt so much & want you to have it! 
  • Copy this discount code:  I MUST MAKE POTIONS - use at checkout to receive $15 off your order (limited time use)
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Even if you weren't sorted into House Slytherin....those naturally drawn to darkly beautiful gothic victorian fashion will appreciate this new deluxe cape.


  • Perfect deluxe length - 62cm at the back
  • Darkly romantic double snake & iconic baroque S screenprint
  • Lined hood; lace trimmed
  • Ornate Baroque style silver clasp
  • 100% made to order in Australia
  • Unique & limited - only 50 will be made 

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    Dark green stretch velvet, unique screen prints on sleeves & back.

    Trimmed with soft black lace to bring the victorian back into Hogwarts.


    Each size will fit the body measurements shown. 

    Size 8: 84-88cm bust, 28cm bicep

    Size 10: 88-92cm bust, 30cm bicep

    Size 12: 92-96cm bust, 32cm bicep

    Size 14: 96-100cm bust, 34cm bicep

    Size 16: 100-105cm bust, 36cm bicep

    Size 18: 105-110cm bust, 38cm bicep

    Size 20: 110-115cm bust, 40cm bicep

    *Choose custom sizing if you fall outside of the standard sizes & we'll be in contact asap for your measurements to ensure we create the perfect fit for you.

    Due to demand please allow approximately 7-14 days for your bolero to be made & then posted or shipped to you (worldwide shipping available).

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    This beautifully handcrafted full Victorian styled corset gown ensemble inspired by the iconic Slytherins will be hand made, hand screen printed and sewn with love right here in Australia.

    The Slytherin Dress will be custom fitted to your measurements so will fit like a dream. Don't worry about taking the measurements, it's an easy process and we can guide you through it over Messenger, text, email or phone.

    The Inspired by Slytherin Corset Dress Gown includes 6 pieces:

    1. Steel boned under bust corset with unique flattering Slytherin inspired print on quality black satin or on emerald green taffeta with black velvet sides.
    2. No matter what your size our corsets are legendary for giving you a beautiful silhouette & great posture.
    3. Hand screen printed, emerald Slytherin fan approved overskirt
    4. Hand screen printed black petticoat
    5. Boned hoop skirt (which can be folded for shipping/posting)
    6. Serpent printed dark green stretch velvet bolero
    7. Lace trimmed under corset top chemise

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    • I've never worn a corset before & I'm not sure it will work on me?

    • I've never worn a hoop skirt before, can you tell me about it?

    • What are the other pieces in the corset gown?

    • How long does it take to make my order?

    • I really want this but I can't afford it all at once, can I pay it off?