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Amethyst Victorian Bustle Deluxe

Amethyst Victorian Bustle Deluxe

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NEW! Deluxe length Victorian Bustle Skirt in our beautiful amethyst purple satin. 

Designed to have enough length to be worn over the new bustle cage to get that amazing shape you see in the images.

Choose from 4 options:

1.  Bustle skirt only - this gives you the versatile amethyst bustle skirt to wear by itself; the back bustle length is adjustable if you don't want to wear it over a bustle cage.  

2. With under skirt - this option gives you the amethyst bustle skirt and the black Seraphina under skirt.

3.  With Bustle Cage - this option gives you the bustle skirt and the bustle cage.

4.   Complete set - with this you get the full set of bustle skirt, Seraphina under skirt and the amazing bustle cage.

To order the Pandora Amethyst Venus over bust corset please head here: Matching Over bust Corset

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