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Burgundy Beauty Corset Gown, made to measure

Burgundy Beauty Corset Gown, made to measure

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This beautiful gothic victorian corset gown could be perfect for a themed wedding dress or special victorian/steampunk birthday or event.

Very flattering for most figure types and looks good on all ages.

We are here if you need help ordering online or a guide through how to take your measurements for this design.  Once ordered we will request the measurements we require to give you the perfect fit.

Once your corset gown order is confirmed it is usually a 3-4 week turnaround.

Please use the Message Us button on this page to ask us any questions about this design.

Please note that this price is for online ordering, if you require offline/in person measuring and fitting there will be additional costs involved.

We promise you you'll feel amazing in the tight lacing yet comfortable under bust steel boned corset that will give you a waistline you may have only dreamt about.

The Burgundy Beauty Corset Gown includes:

  • The 3 piece skirt set (including boned crinoline petticoat)
  • A steel boned matching Burgundy Beauty Underbust Victorian corset
  • An Alice in Wonderland Chemise
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