Pinstripe Victorian Wedding Dress

$701.00 $809.00
  • Alese Watson photo of Florencia in Gallery Serpentine Pinstripe Victorian wedding dress

Pinstripe Victorian Wedding Dress

$701.00 $809.00

This beautiful gothic victorian pinstripe wedding or formal dress is made to your measurements for the perfect fit. 

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Not all our clients have chosen this victorian steampunk wedding dress to wear as a wedding dress - it has also been very popular for neo-victorian movie character cosplays; spooky Victorian halloween events; history tours & steampunk festivals!

Feel amazing in the tight lacing yet comfortable under bust steel boned corset that will be made to fit you perfectly.

The Pinstripe Victorian Wedding Dress includes:

  • The 3 piece Pinstripe Victorian skirt set (including boned crinoline petticoat)
  • A comfortable steel boned black velvet Underbust Victorian or Lilly corset (depending on your height and torso length)
  • A Pinstripe Spanish Bolero over jacket
  • A silky feel satin long sleeved under corset chemise
  • custom sizing to your measurements

Photo credits from our amazing MONTE CRISTO Location Shoot with Sydney Photographic Workshops

Photographer - TUTOR : Daniel Linnet - 0414 856-855 - 
Photographers: Robert Shelberg, Alese Watson

Creative Assistant / HMUA  / Host : Renee Taylor - 

1st Photo Assistant : Adam Hedgecoe - 

2nd Photo Assistant : Mike Lee - 

Location : Monte Cristo Homestead :

MALE :   Seaton Kay-Smith - 

FEMALE : Florencia Di Martino