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Steampunk Picks

  • Steampunk Belt


    Steampunk Belt

    A bandolier style steampunk belt made from brown faux leather. Features 'steampunk bullets' (fake obviously) Cog decorations on the belt... View Details
  • Birdcage Fascinator


    Birdcage Fascinator

    A steampunk fascinator with a miniature birdcage!  Attaches with strong, easy grip alligator clips. Comes in it's own handy box... View Details
  • Flat Lens Goggles


    Flat Lens Goggles

    Looking for steampunk goggles that won't fall apart.. Try these flat lens goggles, copper, brass and padded around the eyes... View Details
  • Gears and Feathers Head Dress


    Gears and Feathers Head Dress

    Perfect steampunk hair accessory. natural feathers adorned with cog, gears and clock hands View Details
  • Gears Belt Bag


    Gears Belt Bag

    An awesome steampunk style waist bag! Decorated with bullets and gears, what isn't to love? Black side bag that can... View Details
  • Puritans Memoirs


    Puritans Memoirs

    Steampunk collar that would fit someone with a 13-15 inch radius neck. 30-32cm View Details
  • Shilo Blouse

    Shilo Blouse



    Shilo Blouse

    A lace covered jersey top with an opening at the back neck. Removable brooch with lace cravat Back lacing for... View Details
  • Skull of Lost Time Fascinator


    Skull of Lost Time Fascinator

    A headpiece adorned with black roses with skull centers, dripping black beads, clock hands of time and a bit of... View Details
  • Steampunk Corset Singlet


    Steampunk Corset Singlet

    We love this steampunk corset print singlet and so do our customers!  A soft black cotton women's style with the corset sitting... View Details
  • Steampunk Corset Tshirt


    Steampunk Corset Tshirt

    We love this steampunk corset print tshirt and so do our customers!  A soft black cotton v-neck style with the... View Details
  • Steampunk Cyborg Armour


    Steampunk Cyborg Armour

    A leather gauntlet with etched metal decoration, compass and light. Great for a steampunk armour look. Back lacing for fit... View Details
  • Steampunk Harness Belt


    Steampunk Harness Belt

    What says "I'm ready for adventure!" more than a harness? Great for going about your steampunk adventures! Belt can easily... View Details
  • Steampunk Harness Vest


    Steampunk Harness Vest

    An awesome steampunk inspired harness vest from Red Queen - Black Legion! Cross-over straps on the back. Lacing allows for... View Details
  • Steampunk Pirate Belt


    Steampunk Pirate Belt

    A steampunk styled belt in black or brown. With 3 pockets in total you wont need a bag Bondage strap... View Details
  • Time Traveler's Cravat


    Time Traveler's Cravat

    This choker is a nice piece to add to a steampunk outfit but would also suit a light Victorian style.... View Details
  • Viral Vials Armband


    Viral Vials Armband

    Intricately detailed with superb steampunk styling, the Viral Vials Armband is perfect for any steampunk fanatic! Makes a great gift too.... View Details

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