Step Into Enchantment

Step Into Enchantment

It's not everyday that a chance to attend a fairytale ball comes about... With the Labyrinth Ball approaching, don't waste your thirteen hours wondering what to wear! We have a wide range of wonderfully weird and unique things to make you feel like you've just stepped into your own magical story.

In honour of David Bowie and the magical legacy he has left behind, Hawkins Entertainment have organised not one, but three Labyrinth inspired masquerade balls. Although the first two events on the 24th of June and the 1st of July have been sold out, there are still tickets available for the ball hosted on the 20th of August. 

But first of all, what's a masquerade ball if you don't have a mask?

Check out these and more of our mysterious masks here: Masquerade Masks


Bustles, skirts and dress galore! There's more than plenty choices for lovely ladies to dress up just like a princess.

The Lady Loxley Bustle on the left is our top pick for this event.

 To dress up your outfit and add an extra bit of magic, why not add some accessories. We have loads of choice for those steampunk princesses or gothic queens.

Take a peek of these and much more here!

Along with that, we have plenty of options for the men to live out their inner Goblin King.


Men's Button-Up Shirts. Men's Coats and Jackets. Men's Waistcoats and VestsMen's Ties and Bow-Ties.


Don't let anything or anyone hold you back, goblin or not! And before you step out of this magical wonderland and back into your normal attire, just repeat these words to yourself... "Boring clothes, you have no power over me!"

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