Corset Fittings in Melbourne

Corset Fittings in Melbourne

We have good news for Melbournians looking to purchase a GS corset who may have been holding back due to a lack of confidence with self measuring or style selection. 

Steph, our chief corset and garment fitter has resumed corset fitting & measuring sessions at our office/sewing studio in Doncaster.  

You can be sized for one of our pre-made, in-stock corsets or be measured for a made to order/ custom sized design that will be made in Australia.  Purchase is available after your fitting/measuring.

This is a handy service if you've been wanting a corset for a while but have been daunted by the 'how to' of size selection or self-measuring and prefer offline and in person customer service.

Fittings are available most days in Doncaster and appointments are required.   Our fitting salon is close to public transport and the M3 exit/entry with easy parking.

Book a time on our Corset Fitting and Measuring Calendar

If you desire one of our corsets but live outside of Melbourne (or anywhere else in the world!) Steph is now able to guide you through self measuring in a live Zoom call.  This will make choosing the right corset size and style an easy process for you.

For a guided one on one measuring session book a time on our Guided Measuring for Corsets Calendar

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