Corsets for Corporate

Why Corporate Women Are Choosing To Wear Corsets 
Do You Relate?

You spend long hours at work at your desk and by the end of the day your back is killing you and your energy is low, you start reading about other women who are finding relief by wearing corsets to work under their normal work clothes.

Victorian Corporate Style jacket in pinstripe
Corporate Women Who've Discovered The Benefits
The Underbust Victorian corset chosen by an arts lecturer

This is an arts lecturer who spends hours a day over an illustration board and was feeling the effects on her back and posture - here she is talking about her new under bust corset:

"I wore a black sequined shaped cardigan over it so no one knew.
It looked great and I had lots of very nice compliments.
It seemed to help with my lower back pain and it was the first time I had worn it.
I sat up straight for the whole day.
It really is beautiful and I am very glad I made the purchase.
Thank you again for your help with the fitting ."

Hope has been wearing her over bust corset to work for years

My corset makes me feel powerful (I do wear a suit jacket with it) and, as I work primarily at a desk, it cures all back pain.  Today I am wearing it to prevent posture issues.
- Hope B.B - Public Servant

Here's a Before & After Experience
When Catherine came to Gallery Serpentine to look at getting a corset she wasn't sure what she wanted, all she knew was that she wanted something she could wear for her cosplay costumes & for going out.
She didn't expect that she'd be walking out with a corset that she could actually wear as part of her corporate wardrobe.
Catherine tried wearing her ubvic corset at work after feeling bleh and it made a difference
Wearing the corset at work was interesting. At the beginning of the day I was feeling Blek, prompted by your call I went home and got the corset and put it on for a couple of hours in the afternoon. I felt SOOOO much better. I remained feeling good for the rest of the evening. I found I had to lace it a bit looser that I did at the party but as I was wearing a cardigan over the top that was ok. I also took your advice and tied the laces at the front which was much easier.
-Catherine S.

This is Kat who's been wearing a corset as part of her corporate wardrobe for a while

I love wearing my (Arabesque) under bust corset into work as part of my regular office work wear. It is black and white pinstripe and works really well when paired with black trousers and a black top underneath. It also looks great with a white work shirt underneath for a contrast. The top and corset combo also work well with a black pencil skirt. Shoes are either black ballet flats or black kitten heels. It's a really subtle look for a corset combo and works really well"

This is the style we recommend for corporate wear

Allows You  Excellent Waist Shaping & Back Support
Wear it under clothing or just under your jacket

If pinstripe will work better for your corporate wardrobe we have a hard wearing pinstripe suiting that will have you looking and feeling like a Victorian Mob Boss!

Under bust Victorian Corset

underbust victorian corset

 A lovely natural curve at the waist and a top edge that scoops under the bust makes this our most popular and versatile tight lacing under bust style

This is Janine who successfully wears one of our tight-lacing corset designs as part of her CEO corporate wardrobe

Janine wanted a specific colour palette for her corporate wardrobe so we created a tight lacing under bust corset in her favourite colours.
If you would prefer a custom made coloured tight lacing corset we have many options available

Underbust Victorian

A lovely natural curve at the waist and a top edge that scoops under the bust makes this our most popular and versatile tight lacing under bust style

How To Easily Choose The Right Size Corset

See how easy it is to lace yourself into a corset for work