Luscious Cloaks and Enchanting Capes

Luscious Cloaks and Enchanting Capes

Such style and practically just seems to flow from our luscious cloaks and capes, and no wonder why! They're definitely one of our favourites here at Gallery Serpentine.

Historically, they were used both as a layer of protection for their finer clothes and evening wear from the weather or simply as a fashion statement, and what a statement it is too! Even the ancient Greeks and Romans wore them too, and their style has only developed throughout the years to utilise different materials from furs to luxurious velvet (such as our own here at the shop).

They're not just for the ladies either... Just see how stunning this full length velvet cloak is for a more formal look!


Here is the same cloak styled very differently for a gorgeous feminine outfit. Paired with one of our Duchess Skirts and a Turn of the Century Corset. See... They're just so versatile!


From looking ethereal to dark and mysterious, they can be styled in so many different ways for whatever occasion may arise. Naturally, this has inspired artists and authors alike to adopt them for their characters and led to a massive popularity of cloaks among cosplayers.

Just look at this devilishly handsome Slytherin here from Supanova last year... Our 3/4 length hooded cloaks are the perfect length for shorter ladies and gentlemen who don't want it dragging at their feet.

Finally for those wanting something even shorter, we have our fabulous Skating Cape. Although not quite a cloak, it certainly doesn't compromise on style and definitely will add a mysterious, old-time charm to whatever you choose to wear it with.

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