What We Can Do For Your Older GS Corset

What We Can Do For Your Older GS Corset

As part of Corset Season (June to September) we've reintroduced Corset TLC Packages.

These allow you to have needed maintenance or resizing done to your older GS brand corsets that you may no longer be able to wear but want to - the TLC packages are a unique service at very discounted prices for Corset Season.

There are three general categories that the Corset TLC packages cover, here they are!

sometimes bad things happen to your corset lacing!

Cats, friends who borrow, walks in the forest with aggressive corset lacing catching trees and people who don't know how to lace you up properly can all be culprits leading you to need your corset relaced!

The binding edges on your corset can take a beating after years of good wear

If you've got a pvc corset or a corset that is bound at the edges in pvc then you may have noticed the outer layer starting to decay after 5 or more years...book in a Rebind TLC package.   If you've worn your corset hard, no matter what the binding fabric is and you'd really like to get it rebound then this package is also for you.

 oh this one is close to our hearts

Oh this one is close to our hearts and waistlines!  That much loved corset that you know you are 'going to fit again' one day, maybe it's too big now or too small - book in a Resize TLC package and we'll give you an assessment of what we can do...

If you are interested then please find out more here:  Corset TLC Packages for my older GS Corset

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