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Queen of Hearts Alice in Wonderland Automatic Umbrella

Queen of Hearts Alice in Wonderland Automatic Umbrella

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The perfect parasol for a Mad Hatter Tea Party or a gift for an Alice in Wonderland fan.

Isn't it time to bring some Alice in Wonderland adventures to a rainy day instead of the boring?

We really like that the Queen of Hearts automatic umbrella is a perfect compact size to fit into our bags and backpacks.

Included in the design on the umbrella are our favourite characters from the Lewis Carroll classic book, these are custom printed in reds and golds on the iconic black and white diamond background

The advanced push-button automatic opening and closing feature makes it quick and easy to activate and open for unexpected downpours whilst travelling. 

This umbrella folds down to a very compact size which is convenient for travel bags, briefcases, handbags, glove compartments and many other travel applications.

The umbrella comes with a storage bag, printed with the same design as the umbrella.

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