Sculpting Fajas Firm control compression Shape wear, L & 6XL


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  • Strong sculpting shapewear fajas with 3 rows of hooks

Sculpting Fajas Firm control compression Shape wear, L & 6XL


or make 4 interest-free payments of $9.00 USD fortnightly with Afterpay More info


High quality medium-high compression high waisted fajas to sculpt from thigh to under bust.

These fajas smooth and shape upper to mid thigh, lower abdomen to under bust.


  • Choose the size that corresponds best to your measurements
  • This fajas is fairly long and is designed to sit on the under bust or high waist area of people who are 5'3" /160cm to 5'6"/ 167.6cm  To get your high waist measurement measure 7cm below your bra band, this will be in the mid to lower ribs area.
  • If your height is 5'7" or above the waist band on this fajas will sit closer to your natural waist, we suggest measuring right at the base of your ribs.
  • If you are experienced with high compression fajas or like a really firm compression feeling then consider going down a size if your measurements are at the small end of the range given for a size.
  • Please check your hip measurement as well as your high waist, especially if the area you want to smooth and shape is the lower abdomen rather than your natural waist. If your hips are smaller than the size that fits your waist we suggest sizing down.
  • M at high waistband : 66-78cm & hips 94-108cm
  • L at high waistband:  76-88cm & hips 116-128cm
  • XL at high waisband: 84-96cm & hips 131-154cm
  • 2XL at high waistband: 88-104cm & hips 142-171cm
  • 6XL at high waistband: 116-129cm & hips 180-208cm
  • please try on over tight leggings and a singlet first time to make sure this is the right fit and feel for you - make sure to first position your bum cheeks into the softer elasticated area before doing up - this will allow for a great booty lift.

What we like about this design

  • nice firm feeling around thighs, lower abdomen and up to under bust area
  • gives a nice lifted shape to the bum
  • generous crotch opening
  • softer silkier fabric at the bum
  • strong snug feeling when wearing
  • 3 rows of hooks allows for adjustability and size changes
  • silicone at waist and thigh keeps the fajas in place
  • ideal addition to a corset, this lifts and smooths the areas that a corset can't get to, ideal for lifting lower abdomen up and under a corset

Who will enjoy wearing this?

  • corset wearers who want that little bit of extra help to lift & shape everything, ideal for wearing under or over your corset
  • some people who experience sensory issues where feeling held snugly relaxes their nervous system
  • new mums recovering and getting back into shape after having a baby (post partum recovery) & want something to help their abdomen muscles regain shape and strength
  • anyone who wants to wear a fitted dress or outfit and wants enhanced smoothing and shaping underneath it.
  • anyone who can do with some extra lower to mid back support

 What's it like putting on?

  • I would rate this as a firm medium-high compression garment, took about 5 minutes to put on & get positioned - Steph
  • Fajas are medium to high compression shape wear garments developed for post surgical compression, because of that it should feel tight when you put it on, it's not going to feel like putting on a pair of leggings, there's a bit of effort involved & at the start it may feel like the fajas is too small but once you have it on & are feeling the snug, smoothing and shaping results it will be worth it.

Fabric:  polyester 90%, spandex 10%


    • Give yourself plenty of time
    • Make sure your skin is dry, don't use body lotion beforehand
    • Lean your upper back against a wall
    • Make sure to pull the fajas up enough to make sure your bum is able to sit in the right position in the fajas (it is designed to butt enhance/lift)
    • Do up the bottom internal hooks first and then pull the zipper up
    • We found this video helpful from 14.41 where she shows how she puts hers on, the one in this listing is not as hardcore as in the video. Video should start at 14.41.


      Care Instructions:

      • Wash by hand with mild soap and cold water
      • Do not wring
      • Do not use bleach
      • Dry in shade
      • Do not iron
      • Use fingertips to put it on. Beware of jewellery, nails, and roughness