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Queen Of Hearts Alice in Wonderland Victorian Corset Gown

Queen Of Hearts Alice in Wonderland Victorian Corset Gown

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Custom fitted Alice in Wonderland Wedding, Formal or Prom Dress in red, black and white. 

Alice in Wonderland characters come to life on this unique custom sized victorian corset gown / victorian wedding dress. 

*Made in Australia & custom sized to fit you perfectly*

MAKE TIME: This very special gown is made from custom designed digitally printed fabric.  If demand is high we may need to have more fabric made before we can sew your gown -  fabric usually takes 3-4 weeks to arrive.    Sewing of your corset gown usually takes 10-14 days after measurements are confirmed.

*If you have a wedding date or an event timeline please let us know before ordering*

Please enter your measurements into the form below at the same time that you place your order - Steph, our corset & gown fitter will then add them to your order form and contact you if she needs to go over your measurements. Please feel to text, email or message her with any questions you have, she is happy to help.

Our hope is that this Queen of Hearts Alice in Wonderland corset gown will make you feel delighted whether it's for your wedding, special birthday party or just something beautiful and fun to wear during the crazy times we are living in.

The over bust victorian styled corset, Venus Revisited gives a lovely hour glass shape and is very supportive of the back, comfortable to wear all day or evening.

This corset gown includes a steel boned petticoat to create a soft ball gown shape that's easy to move and sit down in.

This gives the classic victorian silhouette to the gown.

Wear the boned petticoat under any other full skirts in your wardrobe to instantly transform them.

This made to measure corset gown includes:

1. Victorian steel boned Corset - lined with 100% cotton. Gives an hour glass waist shape

2. & 3. Over skirt and Under skirt - red and black over skirt which opens at the front to reveal Alice in the center, the queen of Hearts and Rabbit to the sides 

4.  A steel boned petticoat which gives the lovely skirt shape, very easy to walk and move in.  This folds up easily for travel and storage.

5.  Long sleeved black georgette under corset chemise.

*The Black velvet Majestica Shrug worn over the top of the chemise and corset is not included in this listing but you can order it separately here:

Black Majestica Shrug

Thank you to Sydney Photographic Workshops and Linnet Photo for the images from our location shoot at Haunted Homestead, Monte Cristo at Junee, NSW

Photographer - TUTOR : Daniel Linnet https://

MODEL: Florencia Di Martino -

Producer / Host : Wendy Linnet sydneyphotographicworkshops/

Creative Assistant / HMUA / Host : Renee Taylor - reneetaylormua/

1st Photo Assistant : Adam Hedgecoe - 2nd Photo Assistant : Mike Lee -

Wardrobe : Gallery Serpentine 

Location : Monte Cristo Homestead : 

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