Elaine's Corset Experience

Elaine's experience with a Gallery Serpentine corset

Elaine is a manager from Melbourne who works long hours either at a desk or standing supervising a factory floor

I was having real problems with my posture at work & a friend suggested I try a corset for support and to help my waistline. I instantly felt relief from pain in my back & feel my posture is much better than it has ever been, it has really helped my posture by sitting & standing straighter.
Elaine ~ Manager, Melbourne Elaine, a corporate Manager from Melbourne shares her experience of a Gallery Serpentine compression shapewear corset

Elaine answers questions about how she wears it & the comfort factor

Elaine at her desk for long hours in her managerial role in Melbourne
Q: How do you wear your Arabesque Shapewear corset in your daily life?
Elaine: "I wear my corset to work usually 5 days a week from when I get dressed in the morning til I get home every night so at least 9 to 11 hours a day."
Q:  How comfortable does it feel when you're wearing it?
Elaine: "I love wearing my corset as it is so comfortable, I can easily move around in it.  It also holds everything in for me!  I have spoken to a couple of other friends in regards to corsets that have had them tell me they are uncomfortable and not to get one.  I am so glad I still decided to go ahead as I have instantly loved wearing my corset and don't regret the purchase."
I feel extremely sexy and attractive as I stand taller & have all my fat bits sucked in.  It has given me confidence that I didn't know I had as I project myself to others.
It looks good under my work clothes.  Yes I am taller and feel very well supported.  I feel great at the end of the day too!
All the looks and comments I now get from friends and colleagues that try and work out what is different in me!
Elaine P -   Manager, Melbourne

Before And After

This is the corset that we made for Elaine to wear to work

Called the Arabesque Shapewear Corset - high quality and made here in Australia, available as 'made to measure'. Excellent waist shaping & back support.  Easy to wear under clothing or just under a jacket.

Beautiful Beneath, vintage lingerie inspired version of the Arabesque shapewear corset

High compression shapewear corset

This style is ideal for Elaine to wear to work as it keeps her posture looking good and her waistline cinched in by 1-2 dress sizes but is flexible at the sides to allow her to move as she needs to for her job

Elaine gets personal!

It also helps bring my large boobs back up and into place where they should be. They look better with the corset too. its better than a good bra! The corset can be custom made to fit your body.  I think they look attractive and that helps make me feel attractive too.  I would recommend Gallery Serpentine to anyone who is having issues or wants to get an instant confidence boost. I now actually miss my corset if I don’t have it on as I find my back tires and I start to slouch again and begin to feel pain."

How was it dealing with Gallery Serpentine especially as you live in another State?

I could not fault Steph and the staff at Gallery Serpentine. Steph made me feel so comfortable from the first phone call, I looked at other websites but didn’t contact anyone else after talking with Steph. Many were closer to home (same state as myself) Steph has guided me the whole way and been a pleasure to deal with, which has been different from me as I live interstate. Everything has been explained and never have I not had a question not answered. Steph is very friendly, pleasant and has wonderful customer service.