Have you moved from Enmore Road?

Yes we have! We moved in January 2017 and now run by appointment like an old fashioned Victorian salon at our Secret Lair in Marrickville. So you book a time to visit.

You'll find racks full, a delightful world of victorian gothic, steampunk & corsetry just like our old shop in Enmore.

If you are after a browse then use this calendar:   Browser Sessions

If you have something specific in mind use this one:  Appointment At The Secret Lair

Am I too old to wear a corset or any of these clothes?

Definitely not!  We're not age-ist or size-ist and we are definitely into making people look and feel as great as possible through how they express themselves with their clothing. Our customers range in age from 13 to 75 so no you are not too old!   

Are you a steampunk shop?

You can call us a steampunk shop, we're also gothic, alternative street wear, romantic victorian, fetish and club wear.

Do you sell Waist Training & Tight lacing Corsets?

We sell our own branded Gallery Serpentine corsets for tight lacing and waist training. These have proven the test of time and provide excellent waist compression. You can also have these custom made to fit your shape if needed. The wait time on a custom made corset is only 2 weeks! We also sell 2 other quality brands, one Australian, two European, both are suitable for tight lacing.

I hear you have a range of corsets that's popular for dancers, performers & women working corporate desk jobs, is this true?

Yes, we have a range of Gallery Serpentine branded corsets called 'The Dance & Movement corsets'. These are very popular if you want support and shape but need more movement than a tight lacing corset. These are very popular for corporate women due to the support they give when sitting at a desk for long hours and the great shaping they give you when worn under clothing.

Do you sell bridal corsets for under wedding dresses?

Yes we do! We have made a lot of these in beautiful ivory brocade, mainly in our Lola and Waspie styles. The only proviso is that you need to have a fitting to make sure that the back of your wedding gown will cover the top of the corset.

I've always wanted a fairytale wedding and to wear a corset as part of my wedding gown, do you make ivory or white corsets that I can wear as the outside of my gown?

Yes, we have a beautiful over bust style called The Turn of the Century which we can make in an ivory or white brocade or duchess satin for you. This will require a fitting and usually takes us 2 -3 weeks to make for you.

I don't fit the normal size ranges you find in most shops, do you stock plus size clothing?

Yes, we always carry what is considered plus size clothing in our shop, flattering designs across the styles of Victorian, steampunk, corsets, fetish-lingerie and custom make to your size any of the Gallery Serpentine brand products.

I Want To Model For Gallery Serpentine

 Please send through contact details and modelling portfolio if you have one, Model Mayhem links are fine. Email us at sales@galleryserpentine.com. We need to see what you look like, know your age, where you are located and your measurements and height. If you have modelled for other labels or brands please include those in the email.

I Want To Photograph Gallery Serpentine designs for my portfolio

 Unfortunately due to the number of requests we get to shoot our designs we are generally not able to accommodate this request unless you are already an established photographer in the commercial or amateur fields and we can see that your style of photography and choice of models is aligned with ours. If you feel that you fit the criteria or have a project that is likely to get published then please email us at sales@galleryserpentine.com with details. We prefer to be emailed and not called for this enquiry. Thank you.

I Am A Stylist And Want To Borrow Your Clothes For A Project

If you are working on a commercial project where we will benefit through exposure and credits, i.e. if it is for a magazine, high profile event or commercial film project then we can generally accommodate this request depending on lead time. Recent collaborations have been with Grazia magazine, Mardi Gras.

Do You Buy Back Clothes?

We don't buy back Gallery Serpentine clothing but will be setting up a Gallery Serpentine Buy, Swap, Sell page on Facebook. If you want to be contacted when that is ready please email sales@galleryserpentine.com and in the subject line type: Add me to the Buy Swap Sell notification list. Thanks. We will be setting this up in the second half of 2017. 

I Love Your Styles But I Don't Fit In Standard Size Clothes

That is not a problem for us with most styles that we make, ie. the Gallery Serpentine label. Now that we've moved to a Secret Lair and can spend more time in our design & production room we can custom make for you. The styles that we make are usually based off Victorian silhouettes which tended to be very flattering for most figure types. We are very approachable and genuine with our customers and will advise and suggest what styles we think you will suit. You can book with us here:  Custom fitting at the Secret Lair if you can visit us in Sydney.

If not then we can consult over Skype or Skype video with you.

How long will it take to get my order to me if I live in NSW or ACT?

We aim to post out within 24 hours from the time your order is received, delivery within Sydney is usually within 2 days, Canberra and the ACT can take 3 days, please see our Shipping Info for full details on delivery to other locations and overseas.

How do I know what size I am in your clothes?

You'll find Size Guides listed in the details of most of our styles but remember that we've been making our own label for years so can help you with measurements and getting the best fit, call us on 02 9557 5821 or use the Contact Us form.

I'm a cross dresser, will I be welcome and have privacy in your shop?

Absolutely, we'll look after you as discreetly as possible. As we are now operating from our new Secret Lair your privacy is assured, when you book an appointment you are guaranteed one on one customer service from our staff with no other customers.

Do you selling corset lacing cord?

Yes we do. We have our own custom made, very strong synthetic lacing cord that we use in our corset label. You can purchase the lacing cord for $2 per metre by calling 02 9557 5821 and paying over the phone.

I got really drunk and had to cut myself out of my corset! Can you relace it for me??

Ummmm....Yes we can BUT NOT ON THE SPOT, you'll need to leave your corset with us for at least a day, we can't relace for you on the spot. Cost to relace a non Gallery Serpentine brand corset is $18 plus $2pm for the cord.

If there's something you want us to add to our FAQ we'd love to hear from you. Please use the Contact Us form.