The Perfect Gift for Pet Lovers

Like us here at Gallery Serpentine so many of you are devoted pet owners and love animals.   We often 'talk pets' in the shop, are frequently visited by our customers with their dogs and donate $60 a month to the WAP (World Animal Protection, formerly WSPA)

Our area in Newtown is known as 'cat lady heaven' because we have the awesome Cat Protection Society across the road.  And of course we have a 'Caturday' every week on our facebook page! 

All of this means...THAT WE JUST HAD TO SHARE Sloppy Kiss Cards with you because it's totally wonderful, fun and all about animals! 

Sloppy Kiss Cards is just the best thing we've found to wish someone or a pet a Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Get Well Soon, I Miss You or even Happy Halloween greeting.   And that's just a fraction of the options.

We made a Card especially for you so you'd have an example, just click the link, hopefully you like it:  Example of a Sloppy Kiss Card

If you have kids you'll want to show them too, they will love making their own personalised cards, keeps them entertained for hours!

A big Meow from Steph, Shan & Mel at Gallery Serpentine!

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