Our Favourite Blouse, 1 week sale

The Clockwork Butterfly Blouse - Why do our customer's choose this blouse so often?

It's because it goes so well with many different Looks and styles.

Even though it was designed by a steampunk designer, Clockwork Butterfly, for a Lolita label, so technically making it a steampunk-lolita design it has incredible versatility beyond those two genres.

Check out our lovely customer in this image who is using the Clockwork Blouse in her cosplay of Zatanna for Supanova.  It's also been bought for a Rosalind Lutece, BioShock cosplay costume and Alice in Wonderland is also a popular cosplay that this blouse gets used for.

On the other end of the spectrum it's been incredibly popular as a pretty and practical corporate blouse, we have customers who buy both the white version and the black version in multiples because they love wearing it so much.  

In this layup you can see how it can look really victorian, ideal for a high tea or dark victorian tea party when matched with one of our waist cinchers and a pinstripe skirt.

For a cuter, preppy day wear look try matching it like we've done with one of our new suspender skirts and chunky heels.  Just add over the knee socks.

The Clockwork Butterfly Blouse is on special for you this week at $59, this special price ends on Sunday 5th June when it goes back to $70.    

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