Cosplay Your Way!

If you don't already know, cosplay (costume play) has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years... Apart from all the weird and wonderful people that visit our store, we get customers coming in looking for pieces to help finish off their cosplay outfit!

Everything from cute and elegant looking Alice in Wonderland characters to comics, video games and movies, there are so many choices for deciding which characters to dress up as.

Just a few products in our range for an awesome 'Alice in Wonderland' inspired costume!

One of our extraordinary customers Gaelan has inspired us with his amazing dark clubwear inspired version of Kylo Ren from the newest Star Wars movie.


Another gorgeous customer who has come in recently is cosplaying the lovely Zatanna for Supanova this year! She will be using the Clockwork Butterfly blouse & Black Armour Corset to be the base of her costume.



And now for a super double feature... We have Harley and Harley! That is, another lovely lady who chose one of our waspie corsets for her Harley Quinn cosplay last year along with our very own Harley dress.

Finally, we even have pieces for something a little more extravagant! Lovers of Anne Rice and all things vampires should recognise this one without thinking twice. Rhiannon here is cosplaying Claudia from Interview With The Vampire dressed head to toe in Gallery Serpentine, with the lovely Alex from Clockwork Butterfly at our 2015 Supanova stall.


So to all those cosplay veterans or those just starting out, come in and feel free to have a browse of our amazing range and we're sure you'll find something to inspire you!

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