4 Things a Dita Fan Should Never Leave Home Without

4 Things a Dita Fan Should Never Leave Home Without

Burlesque truly is a timeless thing, having many fans all over the world. Renowned burlesque star Dita Von Teese is in Australia and performing at the Enmore Theatre (next to our shop) on the 28th of June for her Strip Strip Hooray! show. If you're lucky enough to be going, why not have some fun and dress up..?

Forget martini glasses for the moment, corsets are the real winner here when you choose one to recreate that perfect hourglass silhouette which would make Dita proud. Check out our amazing range here.

Every lady needs a pair of shoes whether a sultry succubus or a pin-up princess, here is one of our favourite styles.  Very popular style so they do go out of stock quickly.

Demon Shoes


We also have plenty of stockings and lingerie from fishnets to garter belts, and even with stripes and patterns. Anything you could possibly need to dress up those legs!

Finally, accessories are simply a must.  Whether it's a fan to cool yourself off in the warm theatre (or to hide a cheeky grin) or a stunning necklace, there's ample choice of accessories and jewellery both online or at our store in Enmore.

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