The Cult of Scent Connection

Did you know that Gallery Serpentine was the inspiration for Cult of Scent?

It's a long story, steeped in the darkly beautiful past of Under the Blue Moon Festival in Enmore.

Now Cult of Scent is an internationally recognised artisan perfumier, specialising in evocative naturals that take you on a journey as soon as you smell them.

With names like The Hedonist, Sweet Libertine, Fire Amber Baby, Jazz Age Jasmine these parfums are strong, rich and heady, think Guerlain style from the 1920's.
News Flash:  Jocelyn has just dropped in the new Cult of Scent Sampler Kits!  Just in time for Christmas too!
In this candid video snippet of Jocelyn Fullerton, creator of Cult of Scent she explains just what Cult of Scent is all about.   We hope you catch her passion for fragrance.
To experience Cult of Scent fragrances drop by Gallery Serpentine beside the Enmore Theatre on Enmore Road, Enmore, Sydney and try them on.
VIP:  If you are a corset wearer you want to pick up a bottle of the Corset Refresher she made exclusively for Gallery Serpentine, made with all naturals and anti-microbial oils to keep your corset refreshed and beautiful.