What to wear to your first fetish club

So you've been invited to your first fetish club or party and you're not sure what to wear.

Super sensual fetish style with a train that loops on your wrist and a mini hem line at the front

If you're after a quality corset for your first fetish night out that will fit you beautifully and last for years you can now book a personal measuring session with our corset fitters.  This is perfect if you're new to corsets or unsure how to measure to make sure you choose the right size.

In a 'be guided as you measure' session our corset fitters will guide you as you self measure for any of the tight lacing corsets on our website.   This means you're going to get the right corset and the right fit which all adds up to the best experience at your first fetish club or party. 

Book a measuring session here Guided Measuring Sessions for Corsets

The article below is also helpful if you don't have time to book a session and want to order today, shows you how to size select for an under bust corset.

>>>How to choose the right size under bust corset when shopping online on our web store


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