Cthulhu Rises!

Cthulhu Rises!

Our Black Friday offer has now ended but this corset gown is still a stunner...Answer the Call of Cthulhu! We have a secret underwater cove of other Cthulhu products as well, like the satchel handbag you can see in the image, sneakers, boots and a cute, 50's style mid length skirt.

Call of Cthulhu corset gown showing the front of the corset and matching handbag

Vibrant, dark greens and lots of tentacles will delight any victorian gothic Lovecraft appreciating heart!

This is a fully custom sized over bust corset gown made to fit your measurements perfectly, and we make it here in Australia.  Easy to wear, walk and dance in, the corset will be comfortable and steel boned, designed to last beyond the return of the vapour canopy in 2040!

The Call of Cthulhu gown retails at $999, this matching satchel handbag retails at $69.

gorgeous dark vibrant green Call of Cthulhu handbag satchel

Live the legend, be the mysterious power that lurks beneath, combine gothic beauty and elegance with the tradition of victorian horror fiction and delight in the mysteries and mythical monsters of the deep sea.

If the full corset gown is a bit too much then our cute mid length, 50's style poly-cotton skirt with satin bow could be perfect for walks by the sea, priced at $99.


The Call of Cthulhu sneakers are already proving popular for men and women, these are currently at $82.50 including shipping - just remember to select your EURO size to get the best fit, super comfy, retro high top design.  Links here:

Men's Call of Cthulhu sneakers

Women's Call of Cthulhu sneakers

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