Everyone loves a romantic gothic victorian fashion show

Everyone loves a romantic gothic victorian fashion show

Forgotten fashion show footage..dreamy vintage feel highlights from a gothic victorian fashion show.

Video Highlights:

  • 00:18 - English Rose Tudor style corset ensemble

  • 01:01 - Beautiful soft velvet jacket

  • 01:04 - Pink & black Viletta ensemble

  • 01:11 - Men's coats & Women's High collar frock coat

  • 02:00 - Pinstripe Viletta Ensemble

  • 02:12 - Women's Tail Coat, Persephone skirt

  • 02:21 - Man in Kilt with Slimline Cravat shirt

  • 02:35 - 1880's style victorian skirt with matching corset

  • 03:05 - Male pirate shirt

What I loved about seeing this again is that the fashions don't go out of date, they still look romantic and perfect for people like me who want more romance in the world when I go to a special event.

I've seen these designs look incredibly flattering on fuller figured women who have them custom made for special events like significant birthdays or weddings.

Doesn't matter where you are in the world, a fashion show will bring out the whole town, this was put on for a small country town in Australia.




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