Fancy Piece

Fancy Piece

As an unforgettable addition to Sydney's underground arts & Fetish club scene, comprised of the 'unholy union of Holly Bennett and Simone Craswell', Fancy Piece is a queer cabaret performance duo. They have performed at many events such as Hellfire, The Chamber and even the Australian Burlesque Festival earlier this year.

What a well dressed devil! 'The Passion of Christ' was performed at the Australian Burlesque Festival.

Coming up on the 9th of July, this devilish duo will be doing a performance at The Chamber fashion show (more details here). Holly and Simone have been wearing, and performing, in our clothing for years! 

You may even recognise our black raven underbust corset and top hat in this magnificent ensemble here.

Whether you're an avid cabaret lover, or looking for a unique type of entertainment, Fancy Piece definitely are not a duo to miss! Check out their Facebook page to make sure you don't miss out on any shows or announcements.

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