Halloween Wedding at the Museum

Halloween Wedding at the Museum

Kate & her husband Baxter Durham finally got to tie the knot in the venue of their dreams.

Enjoy Kate's story and photos from a wonderfully themed gothic wedding.

"It was really hard planning this with covid, we moved the wedding twice!"

But I didn't want to change my venue, so we just worked together with all of our vendors to move things around. 

The location was the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.

Baxter & Kate on the dance floor at their gothic halloween dinosaur wedding at the North Carolina Museum
(At the time, North Carolina had meetings set to only 25 people in a room, so we just waited till we could have our grand party with the original guest count.)

I had my heart set on that museum!  Everyone at the museum and other vendors were all-stars! 

Yes, our original date was October 31st, 2020. Which we did officially get married on! Filed some paperwork and had a blast with some close friends. 
But it didn't feel like I was married.
I still wanted that special day with my mom and sister. Getting the hair, nails and makeup all done!
Our ceremony and reception happened October 9th 2021. 
Baxter taking his first look at his bride Kate, the mask was a complete surprise
Baxter had his coat made by Cossmile on Esty! So doing things backwards, he helped me pick out my dress and his outfit was a complete surprise for me. 
Though my Dragon Skull mask was a surprise he didn't know about.
So our first look was hilarious!
He said thank you for the compliment! (We loved Baxter's coat and how it worked so well with Kate's Potion Mistress outfit)
Kate and Baxter Durham at their gothic Halloween dinosaur themed wedding at North Carolina Museum of Natural Science
We are a very non traditional couple. So for us, we fully embraced a Halloween wedding. The #Hallowedding hahah. 
I just wanted everyone to be comfortable. No one had to worry about needing expensive dresses or suits, instead I just wanted everyone to have fun. 
It helps that I am a huge dinosaur fan.
Reptiles, Godzilla, Dino's, you name it, I love it!
So it was amazing that the museum had dinos and reptiles, fish and other small animals enclosures!
Kate & Baxter at their covid delayed gothic halloween dinosaur wedding at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
The cake was an Almond Ombre Cake with apricot jam and dark chocolate ganache.
Our Catering was done by Rocky Top Catering in Raleigh. 
They actually took the liberty of coloring the layers of the cake themselves. They fully embraced our halloween themed wedding. 
Kate & Baxter's wedding cake for their Night at the Museum gothic wedding at North Carolina Museum of Natural Science
We had a nice cute cake to cut and then had an extremely large sheet cake to be served to the guests. There was a lot of cake left over hahah.

 The dress and everything about it was so perfect and easy to wear! Thank you ladies for helping me build it."

The photographer on instagram is @the_vikingphotographer and on facebook he is Robert Heintzelman.
The elaborate mask I'm wearing is by MementomoriArs on etsy.
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