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How People Wear Our Corsets - Dark Desire Mesh Corset

Dark Desire is one of our mesh corsets.

It's been quite popular since work-from-home started in 2020 due to its lightness, breathability & price point - becoming the go to corset to help our customers deal with desk & couch posture.

When Sarah from Queensland shared what she was using her Dark Desire corset for (this is the original one she beta tested way back in early 2020) I was blown away.

Here's what she said in a recent instagram dm to me...

"The Dark Desire Mesh corset has been through hell and back with me... I have worn it through every single Strongman competition, every Hike, wear it to work a lot and to the gym and have given it an absolute thrashing and its only just starting to get some wear and tear now. I am so impressed by how well it has held up!".... "These photos and videos are all wearing your corset 🥰" 

Corset tester Sarah from Queensland putting the Dark Desire mesh corset through its paces

Just for fun & contrast I wanted you to see Sarah in her normal work/corporate clothes doing a corset reveal and also in her Strong Woman/Extreme Activities mode - the Dark Desire corset is underneath her active wear & floor laying gear!

Sarah revealing how the Dark Desire looks under standard corporate clothing

Sarah wearing the Dark Desire mesh corset from Gallery Serpentine under her strong woman rock lifting gear

Sarah weairng the Gallery Serpentine Dark Desire mesh corset under casual weekend clothing

 Sarah wearing the Gallery Serpentine Dark Desire mesh corset to give her back support while laying flooring

And now for some crazy Strong Woman training videos where Sarah is wearing her corset underneath!


You can find Dark Desire and our other mesh corsets here: Under bust Corsets ready to post
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