How To Do Halloween In Australia And Make It Classy!

Halloween has hit Australian shores pretty hard over the past 6 years and you either love it or hate it.

Trad goths & neo-Victorians would often scorn what they considered a 'tacky import of a celebration event from the USA' that makes goth culture look bad but we're seeing less of this attitude now as pure goth culture declines and those with goth inclinations & normies (regular people) realise just how fun, creative and classy you can make it.

Photo of Tara Moss by Vincent Long

We love this quote from Tara Moss, author, speaker, model and Gallery Serpentine customer: 

"Halloween is one of my favourite days of the year. 

Not everyone celebrates this holiday, but before dismissing it as 'American' it's worth noting that the origins of Halloween, or All Hallows' Eve, brings us to the Festival of Samhain ('Summer's end') celebrated among the Celts of ancient Britain and Ireland. It started being observed over 2000 years ago and was brought to North America. Likewise, there are plenty of arguments to refute claims of Halloween having its roots in 'Satanism'. Here is a good article on Halloween and its origins, for those interested: "

Some of the best alternative weddings we've been involved in outfitting have been timed and themed high end Halloween. Here's our delightfully dark Addams Family inspired customers, Pamela & AJ.
Popular last year and we predict this year as well is mixing up  insane and beautiful Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) make up with tight lacing corsetry & victorian clothing usually in rich red & black or purple & black combinations, sometimes monochromatic as well.


If you prefer to ease off on the Day of the Dead make up & styling and choose hauntingly beautiful gothic victorian mixed with a bit of Tim Burton monochromatics instead then this ensemble from us may be inspirational.

Purple & black is still a favourite, we loved this combination chosen by one of our Year 12 customers, the richness of the black brocade is offset by the silky dark purple in the wedge skirt and under corset chemise.

This scene from Spectre, the James Bond movie has inspired a lot of our male customers who have already told us they are choosing sharper looks over their previously favoured zombie get ups.  They want to wear brocaded waist coats, white aristocrat shirts, top hats and Day of the Dead masks or makeup.   

Gothic Victorian fashion will never go out of style for Halloween.   A simple black brocade underbust corset is something you can incorporate into your Halloween Look very easily and then wear again and again for all sorts of events.

Here's our customer Rani who fell in love with our Waspie cincher and used it for several Harley Quinn cosplays as well as Halloween.




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