Join the Steampunk Army for the Lost World at Ironfest!

Join the Steampunk Army for the Lost World at Ironfest!


Are you stuck for ideas on what to wear to Ironfest this year? Maybe you've always had a curiosity to dress in steampunk but have never known where to start?...

Don't worry your little head, private... we are here to tell you EXACTLY what to wear.

(editor's note:  Mel had just imbibed absinthe when she wrote this so she got a little bossy..)

**Black or Red Vampire Lestat shirt or the White Aristocrat Shirt**

Red Vampire Lestat shirtAristocrat shirtblack vampire lestat shirt

These shirts are a light weight but lovely stretchy fabric so you will feel very very comfortable.  We have tried lots of different shirt styles and have declared THIS to be our best shirt yet!  

They are available up to a 3XL which is good news if you have struggled to find steampunk or gothic formal shirts to fit.

Here's a video showing the quality and up close detail:


**Victorian Waistcoat You need a waistcoat... just trust us. You do! If you choose a white or black shirt as a base you have more freedom with the colour of vest that you choose.  

Silk Brocade Victorian VestPurple Silk Brocade Victorian Vest

If you want to look damn amazing every time then the top pick is a Silk Brocade vest, totally worth the investment.   Check out the cool features that make it an edgy  victorian style:  


You now have the option to really express yourself, depending on your budget! You can choose to accessorise with all or a few of these different iconic steampunk accessorise. Goggles are MANDATORY though.


**Goggles Seriously gents, They are the iconic steampunk accessory! Whack a pair of these on your noggin and everyone will get that you're dressing steampunk!

For top of the line and with movable parts you can play with here's the pick:

cool steampunk goggles with an iris that opens and shuts Yeeesss - the iris on that goggle does open and close and you can change the lens from green to blue or red.  

For something more Mad Max inspired then the Spiked Cyber Goggles are what you want.

Spiked Cyber Goggles are a mad max inspired style that fit your budget and your hat

** Top Hat A top hat will give you that more 'gentlemanly' look. Put the goggles on the hat.

Top Hats are a steampunk essential with goggles

 **Pocket Watch Every steampunk gentleman needs a pocket watch as an accessory.

The Pocket Watch of CassimirBig Ben wooden steampunk pocket watchSteampunk Ribs Afterlife pocket watchGears of Time Cog Steampunk Pocket Watch


** Finishing Touch.....Belts or Bandoliers - a utility looking belt will give the impression that you are READY for a dystopian world! Put a belt over your shoulder as a nifty bandolier and BOOM! you're Done!

steampunk belt worn as a bandolier


If you need us... CALL US on 02 9557 5821, we can book you in for a steampunk styling session at the Secret Lair or visit our stall at Ironfest!

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