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We may be slightly Alice in Wonderland obsessed but it looks like we are not alone.   If you're ready for a change of season, some extremely fun, crazy events and designs to wear to them then this blog post is for you.

Let's start with the Queen of Hearts, our favourite madcap Queen; our new corset gown is a bold one in red, black and white with highlights of gold.  We think it's perfect for a themed wedding or Ball as it's easy for your partner to wear black & white with a dash of red, say in a cravat and bridesmaids will thank you for putting them in black dresses.

Daniel Linnet photo of Florencia Inferno wearing Gallery Serpentine Queen of Hearts Alice in Wonderland corset gown

 A shot from our recent photo shoot with Sydney Photographic Workshops and Daniel Linnet.  Florencia Inferno wears our new Queen of Hearts corset gown.

We also have matching hand bags, shopping tote bags, phone wallets and even high top sneakers and vegan boots if you want to go all out and have matching footwear (makes for great photos!)

 Matching accessories to the Queen of Hearts wedding dress corset gown

Round the World with Alice

The UK

We're not going to be able to list every event and Alice location in this blog post so we'll highlight a few we really like and provide a link to a more comprehensive list.
For a tea room experience Alice in Wonderland style we like this amazing spot, the Richmond Tea Rooms in Manchester.

The Richmond Tea Rooms in Manchester are themed Alice in Wonderland from decor to amazing events

(we think this room really suits our Queen of Hearts corset gown & our red & black themed Alice outfits splendidly)

Richmond Tea Rooms hosts events throughout the year and have a big Alice themed Halloween party, if you're fortunate enough to be in the UK and near Manchester you can check out their event calendar here:   Richmond Tea Rooms

 For Halloween and events where you want to wear purple we recommend any of our 'Dark Alice' designs like the ones below - whether in a full corset gown, a Belle skirt or summer dress, the Dark Alice fabric looks amazing.

Dark Alice corset gown, custom sized to your measurements and made in Australia

 All our Australian made corsets, corset gowns and skirts are made to measure.

 Dark Alice in Wonderland purple options for more casual events

summer dresses in Alice in Wonderland prints in dark purple or dark green


These are two of our new casual Alice in Wonderland dresses, the skirts are quite full so adding a short tulle petticoat is an option for tea parties and events.


Alice in Wonderland history: Where it all began:  Oxford

2022 marked the 150th anniversary of the Alice in Wonderland Story.  Oxford in the UK was the place to be on the 2nd of July this year. The city celebrates its famous author & his inspiration for the story, Alice Liddell with an event called 'Alice's Day' which occurs on or as close as possible to the 4th of July which is the official Alice's Day anniversary.

There are many events that go on throughout Alice's Day that re-enact scenes from Alice in Wonderland as well as fascinating tours of key sites that were the origin of many locations in the story.  Find out more here:  Alice's Day

following the White Rabbit through Oxford as part of Alice Day

(following the White Rabbit through Oxford)

Alice in Wonderland parade through Oxford

(puppet parade through Oxford during Alice's Day)

the White Rabbit in Oxford at Alice's Day, one of our favourite characters from the story

The White Rabbit of course!  We feature him on our Alice in Wonderland designs quite a lot, he is one of our favourite characters.

 women's high top sneakers featuring the White Rabbit on a purple burgundy background

We have quite a few Alice in Wonderland sneaker designs, these are made when you order and make a lovely gift for birthday or Christmas (just allow enough time for making and shipping especially at busy gift giving seasons).

To round out our list of UK Alice in Wonderland themed events and locations we thought Britain Magazine's list was quite good, some of the events have been and gone but the venues and annual events remain.


Moving to other parts of the world and there's quite a few Alice in Wonderland themed events happening!


hd wallpaper image of Alice in Wonderland characters free to use for commercial purposes

Alice in Australia

Feb 25th:  MELBOURNE city taken over by Alice!

For one day only, the streets of Melbourne will turn into a giant, escape-room-style experience on Saturday the 25th February, 2023. Don’t be late!

Cluedup Games strikes again with their incredible immersive Alice in Wonderland event that uses the cityscape and your mobile in a virtual world of adventure. Alice is trapped in Wonderland and time is running out to save her!
Solve clues which just get curiouser and curiouser, take on mad and mischievous challenges, and uncover a dark conspiracy at the heart of Wonderland.

Head down the Rabbit hole to get your tix here

March 17th-26th: TAMWORTH gets Alice!

image thanks to the Tamworth Dramatic Society

Tamworth is a regional city in Australia famous for its Golden Guitar statue and annual Country Music Festival.

In March it gets Alice in Wonderland live on stage at the Capitol Theatre in a play adaptation by William Glennon, performed by the famous Tamworth Dramatic Society.

We've been chatting to the White Rabbit who told us the costumes are looking fab and are steampunk themed.  We're thrilled that the White Rabbit will be wearing a pair of our Alice boots for the performance.

Tix available here: Alice in Wonderland goes to Tamworth

Here's the updates on the show on facebook:



In September & October 2022 Sydney gets to experience the Australian Shakespeare Company's live theatre performance of  Alice in Wonderland in the superb Royal Botanic Gardens.  This will be super magical if you can get tickets.

Mad Hatter High Tea - Private & Perfect for Unbirthdays!

Mad Hatter High Tea in Private Treehouse Tea Room at The Grounds, Alexandria, Sydney

The Grounds in Alexandria, Sydney have a gorgeous 'tree house' private tea house.  This is perfect for groups of 6-8 people.  Divinely decorated in whimsical Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter style, we love it!
Bookings are essential, check it out here


Brisbane is the latest city in Australia to offer an immersive experience called The Alice:  An Immersive Cocktail Experience - if you're under 18 then they also have an alcohol free version of the event.  Sessions are going to run until 31-1-23.  Get more info and tix here:  The Alice

Immersive Outdoor Escape Room Alice in Wonderland hits Brisbane 24-9-22

For one day only, the streets of Brisbane will be transforming into a giant, escape-room-style experience on Saturday the 24th September, 2022. Don’t be late!
CluedUpp Games are the creators of this now worldwide phenomenon, they create immersive outdoor experiences, games that you play with your friends and family.
Find out more and if you're lucky, you'll be able to get tickets to their next Alice in Wonderland adventure at CluedUpp Games.
You can also find out more about their other incredible immersive games at

For immersive, action packed days like this where you still want to be in costume & on theme we recommend one of our summer dresses and either a comfy pair of our vegan Alice themed boots (our customers rave about the comfort factor in these) or the Alice hi-top sneakers. 


Alice in Wonderland summer dresses for Cluedupp events

an image of a selection of vegan leather Alice in Wonderland themed boots

Just a heads up, the next Alice in Wonderland official day will be July 4th, 2023 - bookmark it on your calendar and enjoy some extra fun facts here about Lewis Carroll

 This is also going to give you and us plenty of time to organise costumes!  At most times of the year our make time for corsets, skirts & gowns is two weeks; boots, bags & the summer dresses you want to allow four weeks as they are made outside of Australia so delivery time needs to be factored in.

 White Rabbit reminder to place orders for Gallery Serpentine Alice in Wonderland designs ahead of time especially at Halloween and Christmas

For the most comprehensive resource for all things Alice in Wonderland we highly recommend the website Alice in


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