Once upon a time in Marrickville....

Once upon a time in Marrickville....

Once upon a time in Marrickville, there was a secret lair...

Within its doors awaited a way to bring the extraordinary into your every day.

Whether you’re in the mood for a pair of satin-lined kitty ears, a custom tailcoat to form a classic, erstwhile signature-look or a tailor-made corset as the final touch to your bridal ensemble, Marrickville’s paragon of dark couture and Victorian aesthetic has you covered. 

We enable and encourage you to bring as much or as little extravagance into your style and all for a reasonable price along with caring and attentive customer service. 

With many of the designs manufactured in house, when not sourced from quality artisans externally, you will be spellbound by the elegantly eclectic array of fashion that is offered. If there is one thing that is certain, it is that is what is waiting to be discovered within the doors is always surprising and never boring.

Gallery Serpentine, at its heart, offers individuality to everyone and champions the spirit of eccentricity in the best way possible; lush with charm and vibrant with character to offer a fantastical sensibility; whether you’re a Lolita-goth, Urban faery girl or a suited professional looking to imbue some flourish into your corporate wardrobe, we can assist you.

Ultimately, we are much than a clothing store – we are a unique experience to take away with you as well as a special way to explore your personality.

Changing our operations from Enmore Road, after many successful years keeping the alternative set of the Inner West, in particular Newtown’s gothic community, replete with enough velvet, lace and pvc to have Lestat lick his lips in envy (as well as running the Under the Blue Festival successfully and bringing the most wonderfully strange and spine-tinglingly thrilling events to Newtown) we have branched away from our retail store by expanding on our design and production space, to optimise the way we can assist our clients and take a more boutique approach to what we do best.

As such, we are now able to offer more time with our many longstanding, valued customers as well as new fans, by arranging bookings which in turn allows for a more intimate shopping interaction between you and us. With allocated time, we can devote it to helping you find (or, if need be, find out what it is you’d like us to create for you) to bring your fantasies and alter egos to life!

*We are now able to offer our clients a more relaxed and indepth consultation and fitting experience for bespoke gothic victorian, steampunk, cosplay designs and corsetry.*

There’s nothing quite as luxurious, sumptuous or as captivating as Gallery Serpentine in Sydney. Contact us to have your own experience with us and transform your mundane to magical.

Just some of our services include:

  • personalised fitting
  • custom making of existing designs for clients who struggle to find off the rack styles
  • bespoke design for weddings and cosplays

Some of our proudly Australian designers are:

  • Dressed by Tess – millinery
  • Lelash - alternative fashion & corsetry
  • Skadi – filigree cut leather masks & kitty ears
  • Scary Tales - steampunk custom kitty ears
  • Izzy Ivy Bridal - fairy style silk bridal gowns
  • Z-Entity – all things spiky, collars, vegan leather masks
  • Demonkitty jewellery - art nouveau, gothic & gothic jewellery;

June kicked off CORSET SEASON! please see our next blog post for further details.

Over the rest of the year, we have a series of other key events forthcoming, including…

A display of two of our bridal designs at the Powerhouse Museum as part of the Australian Bridal Exhibition

Victorian & Steampunk Bridal Fashion Show to be conducted in a historic church on Halloween weekend in October

The release of our ‘Gothic Yoga’ DVD which we are looking forward to sharing.


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