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Menswear Review 2020

2020 has been a year like no other so we're grateful to have received some lovely feedback and pix from quite a few of our male customers!

Sean, Steampunk Groom from NZ

Sean from NZ chose this look for his steampunk wedding

"I just love my gear so much.  Feel so confident even!!  It's such an awesome feeling to have again!  Thanks heaps!"

Sean, groom giving a thumbs up for his gear from Gallery Serpentine

Sean showing off his gear from Gallery Serpentine

review by Sean from Nz for his wedding gear

 Sean in his wedding outfit for his steampunk wedding

Mike Lambeth, Musician & Actor


Mike Lambeth, sydney musician and actor wearing Gallery Serpentine

Review of Gallery Serpentine menswear by Mike Lambeth actor and musician

John alexander happy in his Gallery Serpentine menswear 

The outfits I recently purchased from Gallery Serpentine are pieces of living art and the style and quality of the workmanship is absolutely MasterClass.  

They are so prompt with delivery deadlines and dealing with Stephanie is truly a wonderful uplifting refreshing experience.

I'm absolutely 100% pleased with my purchases and shall be buying more shortly x

Alexander John healer from Sydney wearing Gallery Serpentine



 Craig and Lincoln in Gallery Serpentine vests for Craig's wedding

 Craig in his Gallery Serpentine clothing for his wedding

"Definitely impressed with the attire for myself and my best man. I especially love the Tombstone Trousers for myself and the matching Gunpowder & Gold vests chosen. The best man very happy in his attire."

Craig M - Groom



"All my clothes I have received from Gallery Serpentine are well made, fitted to me and the quality of work is amazing!  I can't wait to wear my ensemble all the time"


David wearing Gallery Serpentine Custom sized Undertaker Coat

 Australian made men's coats like David's are available to order on our website here

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