an image of part of Dave Lassam's steampunk boot collection

Customer Highlight - Dave & His Boot Collection

Dave is a legend, in a previous life he served in the navy as a medic for 39 years and later as an officer.

At that time he was shown some 'steampunk stuff' and then his obsession began. When he retired he started making steampunk objects and hasn't stopped since, saying he's always got a diy steampunk project on the go.

Around that time....

"I found I couldn't afford a Ferrari so I started collecting steampunk boots and shirts!"

part of Dave Lassam's steampunk boot collection

A pair of Dave's more goth themed boots, note the embroidery on this pair

Part of Dave's steampunk boot collection and an example of his more gothic and tribal inspired boots.

We met Dave last year when he ordered these green steampunk boots from our website. 

 The first pair of boots Dave bought from us were green clockwork cog steampunk boots

He was really happy with them and asked if we had any bright yellow or bright blue ones available. 

We were a bit intrigued as we usually work with darker colours so we took on the challenge and Annette designed three pairs in a bright blue and yellow. Two were steampunk themed and the third featured elephants.  You can see them in the image below and find the snazzy blue steampunk ones on our website here:  'Dave's Blue Steampunk Boots'.

This is how they turned out.

Dave's bright blue and yellow steampunk boots custom designed for him and his bright yellow elephant boots

Dave's collection is still growing.  At last count Dave was clocking 43 pairs of boots!

Dave Lassam's boot collection keeps growing

Dave's about to celebrate a very special milestone, his autobiography about his 39 years service in the Royal Australian Navy is due to be published by Xlibris Publishing.  Dave's book title is 'Meet Dave Lassam, The Man For The Job'.  This title references an article written about him on the 10th anniversary of the Bali bombings. The expected book release date is sometime in late August.  Congratulations Dave!


If you have a colour, theme or design you'd love to have translated onto boots (sorry no copyright designs) please reach out via the Chat button on this page and we'll see if we can help create your dream pair.   Ideal for special events and wedding parties.

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