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  • We're for you if you love the romance of victorian corsetry & steampunk clothing, the dark beauty of elegant gothic & the fun of Dr Who & Harry Potter fandom!

Our customers & clients appreciate our high quality range of corsetry, victorian, steampunk, gothic clothing and accessories for men & women.

Ph: +61 (0) 451 007 540

  • Our company mission is to be An Antidote To The Mundane so you can express yourself through clothing for events that are special to you and not only look amazing but be mentally comfortable in what you're wearing - "you wear the clothes rather than the clothes wearing you".
  • We've been in business looking after our community for over 20 years, offering made to order and custom sizing in corsets and many styles of clothing.
  • Corsetry is a specialty, if you've never had a waist then you owe it to yourself to experience a corset from our label or any of the 4 other quality brands we stock.
  • Got a significant birthday coming up or an event or festival to go to? Give us the mission to get you outfitted from top to toe in something unique that suits you, your body shape & your budget.




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