Customers Review Their Corsets

Customers review corsets for posture, back support & waistline goals

Sarah reviews her Dark Desire corset

Review from Tasmar after receiving her Venus Revisited corset



Sandra showing how she wears her Under bust Victorian corset under her gym clothes.

Sandra in the Under bust Victorian corset under her gym clothes

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 Feli is a university student who was suffering from 'desk posture' and end of day sore back symptoms from her long hours studying at a desk. She was also really curious about whether a corset would help her 'achieve a waist' as she felt she'd never had one. This is her first time in a tight lacing corset and you'll be able to see her genuine reaction.

 Lucy trying on her custom made luscious red velvet and black brocade Turn of the Century over bust corset



Marney shows how she wears her Gallery Serpentine Under Bust corset with shape wear



Ashe in her wedding corset, first time trying it on


Watch Elaine's transformation