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Alchemist Cravat Shirt, Size M

Alchemist Cravat Shirt, Size M

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An incredible shirt that photos do not do justice. An oil painting from a bygone era would better show you the quality and feel.

The fabric is a 100% cotton textured jacquard with a glorious density that will transport you to a time and a realm far away from this modern age. The feel of linen or well woven hemp comes to mind.

A multi layered removable cravat attaches to the collar with six pewter look dome buttons.  These distinctive buttons also feature down the front of the shirt.

A matte cotton lace trims the edges of the cravat and sleeves, it is subtle and of exceptional quality.  The sleeves are nicely full without being ridiculous, the profile looks elegant when worn with the Alchemist vest or any vest that needs a past era lift.

This shirt manages to be understated while at the same time hinting at time travelling adventures, piratical moments and alchemical sigils. 

The Medium measures 115cm at the chest, waist and hem - Designed with room to move, this is not a slim fit shirt. *If you require further sizing information or other sizes please message us at the bottom of this page.


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