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Baroque Nocturne - The Highway Man's Coat, Size M

Baroque Nocturne - The Highway Man's Coat, Size M

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Baroque Nocturne-  The Highway Man's Coat mixes cyber vinyl and dark cotton twill with velvet and baroque patterning to create an adventurer's coat. A Devil Fashion design for scoundrels and gentlemen. This coat can only be described as epical, the next level above epic.  A coat for the swashbuckler, daring, adventurer within.   Cleverly referencing the styling of historical coats and the glorious decorative patterns of the baroque age but expressed with a modern twist on materials that pulls it into the cyber age.

As different lights hit this coat fabric your perceptions of where this coat belongs in time and space will change, we can imagine David Tennant as an irreverent time traveller or King of the Vagabonds, Jack Shaftoe enjoying this coat immensely.

M measures:

Chest  111cm, Waist 97cm, Hips 111cm, Length 137cm, Sleeve length 66.5cm

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More sizes available on request.


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