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Baroque Occult Boots, FREE Shipping, Unisex

Baroque Occult Boots, FREE Shipping, Unisex

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Introducing the Baroque Occult boots, the perfect confusion of dark elegance and Blood on the Clocktower's mysterious mayhem. Intricate baroque patterns intertwine with occult symbols, skulls, and the iconic Puck artwork, all set against a rich, antique color palette.

Whether you're deep in a game session or showcasing your passion for the game in everyday life, these boots are designed to impress, enchant and confuse.


The usual make time is 9-12 days before shipping.

Shipping time can range from 14-28 days depending on order volumes and peak shopping seasons.

You will receive a tracking number directly from the Gallery Serpentine website once your boots are shipped.


-Made from quality faux/synthetic leather that is waterproof and anti-moisture (please note these are not made from animal leather)

How to select your size

  • Unisex sizing - we recommend choosing your EURO size in a good fitting pair of boots or shoes to size select
  • These are a generous width boot rather than a narrow fit

-Every pair is made to order - custom printed and carefully hand crafted into superbly comfortable combat style boots 

-The insides have soft EVA foamed insoles and mesh lining

-The sole is made of high quality rubber, excellent for traction and durability

-The toe is rounded and the boots have a lace up front for a snug fit

-Please allow for some variance in the brown tones of these boots, colors may not look exactly the same as on your screen


If you have any questions or require any help with ordering, Steph and the Gallery Serpentine team are here to assist you directly from this website.

Introduction to Blood on the Clocktower

Blood on the Clocktower is a game that thrives on murder, mystery, and strategic deception. Players take on unique character roles, from the helpful Townsfolk to the sinister Demons, each influencing the game's outcome in unexpected ways. The Grimoire, guarded by the Storyteller, is central to this experience, filled with secrets, character roles, and the mechanics that drive the suspenseful gameplay.

Elevate your style and step into the world of Blood on the Clocktower with these stunning Baroque Occult boots.


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