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One Shirt to Rule the Realm - Cravat Shirt

One Shirt to Rule the Realm - Cravat Shirt

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This historically inspired men's shirt covers all the bases when it comes to the question of 'what shirt do I wear with this jacket or vest'? It will match beautifully with your medieval, renaissance, piratical, victorian, vampiric, gothic and steampunk jackets and vests - could this be the one shirt to rule the realm?

The cravat is removable as it attaches to button of the collar so the shirt can be worn fairly casually as well.

The cute Captain's ship wheel that is stitched to the cravat can be easily removed and replaced with a more baroque or bejewelled brooch or cravat tie if it's not formal enough for your event or outfit look.  (See our new range of gothic, bejewelled cravat ties and brooches arriving shortly.)

Features of this shirt

  • Breathable poly cotton fabric with slight stretch for easy movement
  • Nice, relaxed shirt fit through the chest and waist
  • Standard size arm hole
  • Removable cravat
  • classic goth lantern sleeves which are full but not huge and end in button cuffs
  • Decorative pleated sections on the front and sleeves of the shirt
  • Looks good with any vest or jacket

Current Sizes:

S - Chest, Waist, Hem 104cm (white only with black buttons)

M - Chest, Waist, Hem 116cm

XL - Chest, Waist, Hem 125cm

2XL - Chest, Waist, Hem 132cm



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