Lace & Satin Under bust Corset

$ 125.00

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  • Lace & Satin Under bust Corset

Lace & Satin Under bust Corset

$ 125.00

or make 4 interest-free payments of $ 31.25 AUD fortnightly with Afterpay More info


We've had these specifically made for people who are 5'4"/164.5cm or under.

We are thrilled to offer these cute gorgeous gothic black lace, mesh & satin under busts for those of us who find a lot of corsets too long in the torso.

Like our Lilly corset this shorter torso design will allow for easier sitting and driving.

This design is available in sizes 22" to 30" (corset waist size).

Please consider having our corset fitter check your measurements against the available sizes to make sure you will look stunning and feel beautifully cinched and comfortable. 

*You want the corset to be at least 4"/10cm SMALLER than your waist measurement to allow for cinching in to a lovely waist shape.


Circumference measurements of the corsets: 

  • 22" - under bust 24.5", waist 22", high-mid hip 28"
  • 24" - under bust 26", waist 24", high-mid hip 30"
  • 26" - under bust 28", waist 26", high-mid hip 31"
  • 27" - under bust 30", waist 27", high-mid hip 32"
  • 28" - under bust 31", waist 28", high-mid hip 34"
  • 30" - under bust 32", waist 30", high-mid hip 36"

*high-mid hip on this corset is measured across the hem from side seam to side seam - to find out what your high-mid hip measurement is measure  4-5"/10.16cm below where you measured your waist, this should be in the upper section of your hips below the hip crests but above your bum curve.

 Length measurements of the corsets are: 

  • centre front & centre back length 25cm to 25.5cm through the sizes.
  • side length 23.5 to 24cm through the sizes.

Hip spring / waist to high hip ratio is standard 5-6" / 12.7-15.24cm   *If your high hip measurement is greater than your waist measurement by more than 15cm this design may have a wider gap at the back of the hips at the hem than preferred.

Features of this gorgeous lace corset:

  • Perfect for heights under 5'5" where you're sitting a lot (especially on low height chairs/couches or low car seats) and for shorter torsos
  • Quality materials, strong lace, strong mesh backing & delustred satin
  • Steel boned
  • Back modesty panel
  • Gives on average a 3-4" waist reduction when wearing it
  • Discreet enough to be worn as lingerie or under clothing for waist training
  • 5 pin strong busk (clips)
  • *for longer torsos and taller corset wearers we recommend the long torso version of this design, see it here.

Photo Credits:

Creative Assistant / HMUA  / Host : Renee Taylor - 

1st Photo Assistant : Adam Hedgecoe - 

2nd Photo Assistant : Mike Lee -  

Location : Monte Cristo Homestead :

MODEL: Florencia Di Martino