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Lycan Revenge Men's Gothic Hooded Top

Lycan Revenge Men's Gothic Hooded Top

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Introducing the Lycan Revenge Men's Gothic Hooded Top, where feral ferocity meets artisan design.

The distressed textural fabric is artfully crafted to look as though a lycan's claws have ravaged it, revealing a mesh underlay that speaks to the beast within. 

Blackened utilitarian hardware punctuates the shoulders, adding an industrial edge that’s perfect for the post-punk goth scene.

This top’s asymmetric line and soft feel fabric ensure both comfort and striking visual appeal, making it ideal for gothic festivals or as standout stage clothing for musicians. The skillful design and construction are evident in every detail, from the rugged texture to the meticulously placed hardware, creating a piece that’s as fierce as it is Dunecore. Embrace the darkness with a garment that’s built to turn heads and channel the power of the melange.

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