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StormCraft Men's Gothic High-Neck Top, XL

StormCraft Men's Gothic High-Neck Top, XL

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Unleash the power of the storm with the StormCraft Men's Gothic High-Neck Top, a top that embodies the essence of Valhalla and the mystique of a stormcrafter.

Made from a unique gray and black tie-dye distressed knit fabric, this top has a post-apocalyptic aesthetic with a gothic twist. The high collar, adorned with functional snap buttons brings fierce styling, while the sharp asymmetric front hem enhances body lines.

Size XL Chest: 115cm, Waist 111cm, Hem 115cm, Bicep/upper arm 42cm, neck 44cm

Decorative straps with D-rings on the shoulders bring a touch of rugged sophistication, reminiscent of storm clouds and the raw power of nature. The ripped fabric detail offers a distinctive, weathered look, making each piece truly one-of-a-kind. Made from 100% polyester, the StormCraft Top ensures durability and comfort for any gothic or post-apocalyptic wardrobe.

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