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Tesla's Lightning Tailcoat

Tesla's Lightning Tailcoat

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Experience the allure of Tesla's Lightning Tailcoat, a masterpiece of gothic elegance and exceptional tailoring. Named in honour of Nikola Tesla, the visionary who harnessed the power of electricity, this tailcoat features unique rose gold and burgundy fabric adorned with a striking lightning strike pattern. The design evokes the raw energy and innovation Tesla was renowned for.

Featuring a built-in vest front, there's no need to buy a separate vest, ensuring a sleek and streamlined look.

The strong shoulder line and sharp sizing deliver a commanding presence—be sure to check the size guide first.

The luxurious black velvet collar adds a touch of sophistication, making this tailcoat perfect for gothic formal events, as a distinctive suit jacket or tuxedo alternative, for gothic grooms, haunted mansion tours, mysterious dinner parties, and exclusive invitations. While the photos provide a glimpse of its striking qualities, they really don't do justice to the breathtaking detail and craftsmanship of this exquisite tailcoat.

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