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Undercover Angel White Mesh Corset, 18", 22", 24" LAST AVAILABLE ON SALE!

Undercover Angel White Mesh Corset, 18", 22", 24" LAST AVAILABLE ON SALE!

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If you're concerned about your posture or waistline and want something that will support you all day at work, is extremely comfortable and breathable in summer then our Undercover Angel corset is definitely worth adding to your shape wear wardrobe.

On super sale, ready for those times when you want to emerge svelte waisted and sculpted.

Feel sexy, strong, elegant & supported in this high quality steel boned white mesh Undercover Angel under bust corset. 

If you've never worn a corset before don't worry, our corset fitters will double check you're getting the best size for your specific needs and measurements after you order (or use the Message button at the bottom of this page to get a corset size recommendation before you order).

Size selection handy tips:

  • As Undercover Angel uses a lovely, strong breathable mesh it does have more 'give' than a standard corset fabric.  This is why we recommend choosing a corset size that is approximately   5-6"/12.5-15cm SMALLER than your waist & hip measurements.
  • *Remember the corset is going to work it's cinching magic so it has to be smaller than you are!*
  • It's also a good idea to check that the corset at the Under Bust is at least 2.5" SMALLER than your under bust measurement so it sits nice and flat against your body at the top.
    • Made of strong, thick, white breathable mesh - perfect for waist training in summer when worn under normal clothing!

    • Steel boned with 10 spiral bones to provide comfort and fit perfectly to your body, especially in curved areas
    • 6 flat steels at front and back provide stability and strength

      These high quality steel bones will not deform in shape even after extended periods of wear.

    • Has a back modesty panel and waist tape

    • Designed by Gallery Serpentine in Australia & manufactured by our corset maker partners in Pakistan.

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