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Vortex Guardian Men's Top

Vortex Guardian Men's Top

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Vortex Guardian is a masterpiece of modern gothic fashion. Crafted from an elastic wool fabric, this top features textured fabric accents.

The asymmetric front design, highlighted by zipper teeth and distressed details, draws the eye. The unique turn-down collar can be opened to the shoulder, allowing you to customise your style. With its skillful construction and edgy design, Vortex Guardian is perfect for gothic festivals, post-punk gatherings, and any occasion where you want to make a powerful statement.

The Vortex Guardian Top's textural fabric, combined with the zipper detailing and distressed neckline, creates a look that's both mysterious and commanding. This top's unique construction and modern gothic style make it a versatile addition to any alternative wardrobe, an easy wear statement piece for night outs, events or stage performance.

Key Features

  • Elastic Wool Fabric: Provides comfort and flexibility.
  • Asymmetric Front Design: Featuring zipper teeth for a unique look.
  • Textured Fabric Accents: Adds depth and intrigue to the design.
  • Turn-Down Collar: Can be opened to the shoulder for custom styling.
  • Distressed Details: Enhances the gothic aesthetic.
  • Modern Gothic Style: Perfect for festivals, gatherings, and performances.
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